Analysis of Bioactive Chemical Compounds of Leaves Extracts from Tamarindus indica Using FT-IR and GC-MS Spectroscopy

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Mansour Abdulnabi H. Mehdi
Abdul-hakim M. A. Al- Alawi
Ahmed Zain A. Thabet
Fadel Y. S. Alarabi
Gozif Mohammed N. Omar
Vidya Pradhan


Tamarindus indica is one of the medicinal plants used in the treatment of various diseases traditionally.

Aims: This study was conducted to identify the phytochemical constituents of T. indica leaf extracts. Methods: Using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to identification of bioactive compounds in extracts of T. indica.

Results: The FT-IR spectrum confirmed the presence of alcohol group, alkene group, amine group, carbonates, ethers, carboxylic acid and disulfides in both extracts.

A total of 22 and 38 bioactive phytochemical compounds were identified in the ethanolic and aqueous extracts of T. indica, respectively. The major bioactive compounds of the ethanolic extract of T. indica leaves were cis-Vaccenic acid, trans-13-Octadecenoic acid, Oleic Acid, Octadecanoic acid, Octadecanoic acid, 2-(2-hydroxyethoxy) ethyl ester, Eicosanoic acid and Eicosane, 1-Iodo-2-methylundecane, 10-Methylnonadecane. While the major bioactive compounds of the aqueous extract were 3-O-Methyl-d-glucose, Myo-Inositol, 4C-methyl-, Myo-Inositol, 2-C-methyl-, Propane, 2,2-dimethoxy-, 1,3-Dioxolane, Ethanol, 2-(1-methylethoxy)-, and 2-Pentanone, 4-hydroxy-4-methyl-, 2-Hexanol, 2-methyl-, Ethanamine, N-methyl.

Tamarindus indica, bioactive chemical compounds, FT-IR, GC-MS.

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Mehdi, M. A. H., Alawi, A.- hakim M. A. A.-, Thabet, A. Z. A., Alarabi, F. Y. S., Omar, G. M. N., & Pradhan, V. (2021). Analysis of Bioactive Chemical Compounds of Leaves Extracts from Tamarindus indica Using FT-IR and GC-MS Spectroscopy. Asian Journal of Research in Biochemistry, 8(1), 22-34.
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